Participating in the JEM Fab Fashions Grand Opening Gala and Fashion Show in March of 2019 was honestly one of the best experiences in my life, thus far. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to conquer my fears, walk the runway for the very first time and prove to myself that fashion is something that I really need to pursue in life. I always knew that I had a love for fashion but I lacked the dedication and confidence needed to seriously consider it as a career choice.

Meeting Ylondra Marrero gave me a beautiful introduction into the world of fashion as well as an eye opening and great learning experience. But she didn’t just help me understand fashion, she helped me understand that I needed to be true to who I am and be comfortable in my own skin. In fact she inspired all the models to embrace their beauty and wear their confidence like a glove. She taught us to rock the runway and feel beautiful showcasing her fashion collection but also to be at ease in our minds and bodies, feeling relaxed even though all eyes were on us. I believe that is what made the fashion show a success.

The Grand Opening fashion show will forever be a memorable one for me not only because it was my first one but because her fashion team was amazing! For the first time in my life I was surrounded by so many positive and supportive women who were just uplifting one another. We all shared the same goal and that was for the success of everyone! All the ladies clapped, cheered and gave words of encouragement to everyone else and there was never any competition or negativity. It was an incredible feeling and a blessing to be able to be a part of the realization of Ylondra’s dream and the launch of what looks like a very successful journey.  

For me personally, it was very important to be a part of not only a brand but a movement that is inclusive to all women and celebrates all body types, shapes and sizes. Women naturally are very different and varied but this idea of including everyone is not something you see in the fashion industry every day. The JEM Fab Fashions line is definitely comfortable, well fitting, true to size and I absolutely love the quality. I appreciate the fact that each piece was designed to have a nice fit that accentuated my curves but not restricting in any way. I recently lost weight and dropped down to a size medium and her dresses fit exactly how I want them to look and feel on me. I would say the clothes are very fun, fashionable affordable and really cute! I don’t think it gets any better than that! 

I recently had the exciting opportunity to do a private mini-photo shoot with Ylondra, who is also a photographer, by the way… woman of many talents! I have to admit I was a little nervous at first but she really helped me feel comfortable and confident during the entire process. She allowed me to choose what I wanted to wear from her line that had not been showcased so I could be the first to rock it! She trusted my fashion judgement, which meant a lot to me and then she encouraged me to wear that style with confidence and grace. 

But honestly when your around good people with great vibes and good energy a photo shoot always become a success and it’s impossible not to feel confident. Just own who you are, love yourself no matter what, and remember your flaws are what makes you different and unique. That’s all the more reason why you sure be proud of them!

JEM Fab Fashions is a clothing line designed with everyone in mind that pushes you to rock your confidence while feeling fabulous and inspiring you to embrace Self Love. If you ask me, I would say the brand is really living up to that mission and purpose. Thank you Ylondra for giving me the opportunity to Rock My Fab. I really do hope the best for you and your clothing line! I look forward to working with you again soon! 

We believe you should feel good in your clothes and you should love the body you’re in!  Our goal is to help you find the perfect outfit that accentuates your beauty and helps you celebrate your life in a fabulous way!

The Celebration of You!

JEM Fab Fashions is all about celebrating and inspiring beauty through fashion in all walks of life. Fashion isn’t about age, shape or size. It only requires that you dare to Believe… – Ylondra Marrero

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