Beauty That Is Soul Deep

JEM Fab Fashions was founded by Ylondra Marrero in 2017. She derived the company name from the first initial of each of her daughters’ names (Jazzmine, Elena, and Mia). Having been a single mother and overcoming life challenges sharpened her ability to stay focused and tenacious about her longtime dream of one day making her mark in the fashion industry. Ylondra is a budding flower whose petals have been strengthened with willful determination and a never take no for an answer attitude.

Born in New York City, Ylondra rose above that life dampening environment and soon fell in love with the sounds, look, and feel of the whole fashion experience. She is a philanthropist with creative talents in the field of fashion design, photography, and modeling. Ylondra is one of the most prolific fashion emblems of this generation. Her presentation is flawless and she reveals the spirit of the creations she is honored to display on her online clothing boutique.

Ylondra found solace in front of and behind the camera shutters. Not only was she intrigued with being the subject of photos, she also enjoyed capturing artistic works and expressions of fashion from the perspective of high-end photography equipment. Ylondra was inspired by editorial works in magazines such as Mademoiselle, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Cosmopolitan to name a few. It was there in those pages that she trained her eye for photo concepts, expressions, and textures that she would later use as a photographer.  Her desire is to weave with skill-born precision images that delight the eyes. Her heart beats for artful expression in the form of facial and body gestures that would paint life into the designs she would soon come to photograph and be photographed in.

As a runway fashion model, Ylondra has participated in many fashion shows such as Night On Brickell, Ralph Lauren, Peter Nygard, Alice in Wynwood, Miami Fashion Week and many others. She helped raise money for nonprofit organizations where she worked as a model for Ronald Mcdonald House Fashion Show, Relay For Life Hair Show, and The United Cerebral Foundation Fashion Show.

In 2015, she had the honor to partake in photoshoots for international designers in Guatemala and Paris,France. In 2018, Ylondra achieved one of her biggest dreams which was to walk during NYC Fashion Week by participating in The International Beautiful You Fashion Tour and FTM Fashion Week. She has been featured in several editorial magazines such as Eventos, D’Latino, Focus Of SW Florida, Nuevo Eccos, and many more.

She is a bold Latina woman who intends to use her platform to empower other women to follow her example and to claim their territory. Her up and coming projects promise to land her soundly in an arena that has been conquered before but has not seen the likes of her. Ylondra plans to establish a non-profit organization that will serve as a foundation for discussion on the topics that plague our youth such as self-loathing, body shaming, sexual, and emotional and psychological abuse. She intends to mentor men, women, and children to help them explore the proper meaning of self-love, inner confidence, and value.

To say this life is just a hobby would not do her justice at all. There is a rose from the hard streets of New York City that is busy paving a road for anyone who would dare to believe in themselves. She is a force not easily stopped, and her name is Ylondra!

The Celebration of You!

JEM Fab Fashions is all about celebrating and inspiring beauty through fashion in all walks of life. Fashion isn’t about age, shape or size. It only requires that you dare to Believe… – Ylondra Marrero

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