So I’m back settled into my regular routine and reflecting on my trip to Europe and I’d like to share a bit of my experience with you.

I had the incredible opportunity to share my JEM Fab Fashions clothing line and take my brand around the world to be presented by beautiful international models. I’m extremely grateful at the opportunity and the blessing to broaden my horizons and expand my reach in the fashion world and beyond.

The sites in Athens, Greece were simply heart stopping and awe inspiring. To be standing there in one of the greatest, and most ancient cities in the world with its soft beaches and majestic sunsets was more than I could have imagined as I was leaving Florida to realize this dream. Even though it was chilly out, my heart was immediately warmed with the kindness coming from the people around me. With each passing moment my excitement grew as curiosity took over and I simply took in the beauty and newness of it all.

The fashion show in Greece was a total success and I was blown away at the thought of both sharing my line and modeling for some amazing European designers. After Greece I flew off to Milan, Italy where I immediately lost myself in the old world atmosphere and amazing architecture.

I found myself surrounded by so much beauty that it left me breathless. The night sky seemed a brighter, richer shade of blue than what I’m normally used to. As I looked up to the stars I said a gratitude prayer as I embraced the realization that all my dreams were finally coming to pass, somewhat in disbelief that I was standing in the home of some of the greatest fashion designers in the world, hoping to be headed in their footsteps.

It’s not difficult for me to see the hand of God in my journey both throughout my life and in my career as well as in the development of my JEM dream!  

I should also mention that I was honored to meet some fabulous ladies during my travels. Two women in particular stand out in my mind. Katerina and Elena are very talented make-up artists who shared my passion for beauty and fashion.

They welcomed me and treated me as one of their own so I felt comforted and at home even though I was a million miles away. Their expertise and skill was clearly visible as the models headed out into the runway flawless and fabulous.

During this experience I was reminded that the fashion industry can be very unforgiving when it comes to beauty and size. This realization is what has motivated me and inspired my passion of celebrating beauty in all women exactly as they already are.

I am excited to use the JEM Fab Fashions line to spread the message of Self-Love and inspire women to not only love and accept themselves but celebrate every aspect of who they are.

My clothing line is inclusive to all  women of all shapes, sizes and flavors and provides an opportunity to accentuate their curves so they can look and feel beautiful at any size or at any age!

Thank you to all my models who participated Rafahlia Dimopoulou, Alexandra Georgouli, Nansy Mayromixalou, Amalia Sormikasoglou, Veronica Kokk, Irene Drosopoulou, Mary Matsakor, Anna Papazoglou, Elizabeth Platis, Maria Povunim, Evagelia Hondrogianni, Kelsey Calalang, Mariam De Castro, Michaeppa Mariano, Kresnir Junior, Isel Garsin, Princess Petrasainta, Mae Flores, Cassandra Lang, Nilmi Perera, Jessabel Mariano.

Stay tuned for the Launch and Unveiling of the JEM Fab Fashions Collection to be showcased on March 30th in #SWFL and available for your shopping pleasure after the JEM Fab Fashions Grand Opening Gala. – Ylondra Marrero

The Celebration of You!

JEM Fab Fashions is all about celebrating and inspiring beauty through fashion in all walks of life. Fashion isn’t about age, shape or size. It only requires that you dare to Believe… – Ylondra Marrero

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