New York week was a fabulous jump start for everything that’s lined up for me as a Model and CEO of JEM Fab Fashions! On the second leg of what promises to be a fast paced year for JEM I will find myself being featured as a Model at the “BEAUTIFUL YOU” Fashion show in Athens, Greece and Milan, Italy by way of London England. Once again, I’m so grateful and excited to be showcasing my new line of clothing for women to the world!

Yes, I’m pulling out all the stops this year as I pour myself into each fascinating opportunity one woman can handle. I made a promise to myself at the start of 2019 that I will do what I say I will do, and I will have what I say I will have. Nothing will distract me and no thing will get in my way!

Most people stop at the dream and are afraid to proceed any further. It’s my goal to step out of the dream and walk into my amazing new reality. I hope to have you there every step of the way to witness what a person’s determination and drive can yield for them when they embrace faith and courage to overcome all and make it happen now!

I’d love to have you come experience the fulfillment of all I dare put my hands to and to ensure that this year, I reach for the stars higher and greater than any other year before. My desire is not only to achieve my personal goals, but to encourage you to believe that you can realize whatever you put your heart and soul into. All you have to do is BELIEVE

Walk with me as together we go from NY, to Anthens, Greece, and then to Milan, Italy and wherever my destiny leads me in this awesome and amazing adventure. Strap into your seats and enjoy the ride. Let’s Go! 

Stay tuned for the Launch and Unveiling of the JEM Fab Fashions Collection to be showcased on March 30th in #SWFL and available for your shopping pleasure after the JEM Fab Fashions Grand Opening Gala. – Ylondra Marrero

The Celebration of You!

JEM Fab Fashions is all about celebrating and inspiring beauty through fashion in all walks of life. Fashion isn’t about age, shape or size. It only requires that you dare to Believe… – Ylondra Marrero

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