The Celebration of You!

JEM Fab Fashions is all about celebrating and inspiring beauty through fashion in all walks of life. Fashion isn’t about age, shape or size. It only requires that you dare to Believe… – Ylondra Marrero

VIP JEM Shopping Spree

You’re invited to a JEM Fab Fashions exclusive shopping event at our FALL VIP Shopping Spree in Fort Myers. Join Ylondra Marrero for a private fitting shopping experience with fashion from Petite to Curvy and Beautiful sizes.

October 19th from 3 – 6 pm

Mimosas and snacks will be served. Limited space by invitation only for the first 30 people who register to attend this fabulous event. Location address will be emailed to you upon registration below. Double the fun, bring a friend! 



(150.00 value) with the purchase of $75.00 or more!

JEM Fab Fashions Shopping Spree Registration

Start Shopping! 

One Year Anniversary / Birthday Bash

We’re so grateful to the Southwest Florida Community and our Fabulous  Sponsors for making the JEM Fab Fashions Grand Opening Gala and Fashion Show a Sold Out event and amazing Success! Next year we’re planning an even greater event for you that will just blow your mind! It’s a combination 1 Year Anniversary Gala / Fashion Show featuring our latest and greatest along with a 40th Birthday Bash Celebration for our Fabulous Founder Ylondra Marrero! Stay tuned – details coming soon!


Rave Reviews

I love that you are so driven and focused on making your dreams a reality and how you empower women all of the time. In a world where everyone wants to tear you down, that’s a breath of fresh air.  – Vanessa Soto

I love watching you grow. You inspire all types of women, curvy or skinny, older or younger women and you are truly making your dreams come true. I am proud of you! Keep up the amazing work! – Linda Quimby 

Ylondra Marrero, I just want you to know that I Love you for being so awesome and believing in me. Thank you for all you do! – Exitboii AR

I love your words of wisdom and positive posts. Your message is always on point sis. I feel uplifted by the way you move. Have a great day. – Ernel Grant

Ylondra, I appreciate that you are always so positive an inspirational, sometimes sometimes life is a real struggle and  I always look forward to your positive outlook and motivational posts. Please continue sharing uplifting and empowering thoughts! –  John Tovatt

My experience with Ylondra has been a wonderful delight and I was so honored to work for such an amazing soul. She thrives and keeps going for what she wants and cherishes life as it is everyday because it truly is a blessing. Ylondra is at all an amazing human being and definitely an experience I’ll remember for a long time. The gala was beautiful and screamed elegance, also don’t miss out on the clothing you won’t be disappointed… the quality is phenomenal and a comfortable fit. I promise you can find one thing that suits your interest no matter your interest in taste. – Yalanda Phomsyha

You are beautiful inside and out! Also very inspiring! – Jen Fin

One of my dreams manifested itself in the form a fashion show filled with light, blessings, and beauty. Ylondra, from the moment we first made contact I could see your dream and the beauty of it realizing sparkled in your eye. You took a chance on me, I didn’t have much work to showcase other than what I’d done on myself and I couldn’t be more grateful and feel anymore blessed than I do right now, and that’s because you believed in my dream as much as you believed in your own. Tears came down my eyes that night for many reasons, I will never forget the doors you opened for me and the blessings you rained down on my life, all from this night. Until next year my love! – Inae’e Alexander

I admire your confidence. – Lisa Smith-Hannon

“I love this lady Ylondra Marrero and her designs! Went to her gala and fashion show last night and loved what I saw. I will definitely attend her shopping spree on April 6th (assuming it isn’t sold out)!! She designs for every woman, no matter her age, size, race, color, or flavor. And with her non profit she is helping other women go places, too. I think you will be seeing a lot more of her. And I will definitely be buying!! – Christina Wojtena

You have devotion in your eyes queen! You motivate me! – Brandon Arradondo

Your an inspiration to many of us who have somehow not made it or failed.. thank you for empowering us women. We all need a friend like you that keeps us wanting to reach for more and not give up. – Elvira Regina Castillo

Ylondra is a breath of fresh air and her vision and designs help give women the power to walk into a room and take everyone else’s breath away. Her line makes everyday women get a chance to feel and look like a model too. I know, I’m one of them and she’s done that for me. Confidence, Quality,  Class, vision, no matter your size or height their truly is something for everyBODY at JemFabFashions!! CAN’T WAIT TO SHOP!! – Allie Woosley

You have a beautiful heart and soul along with so much inner beauty. Moses D.

You are one beautiful lady, you helped me get out of the darkness I was in and I thank you for that. Barnell Williams

About Ylondra

Ylondra Marrero is the founder of JEM Fab Fashions and the inspiration behind this amazing concept of celebrating and inspiring beauty in all walks of life. She is a seasoned runway fashion model, photographer, philanthropist who’s passion and beauty run soul deep. She is a native of New York City who fought hard as a single mother to rise above her life challenges and find success in her career and in life. 

Her goal is to inspire women to embrace and celebrate their beauty through her fashion line and to realize her dream of creating a non-profit organization whose purpose is to help our youth overcome their insecurities and discover self-love, inner confidence and value in who they are! 

JEM Collections

Alluring Trends

JEM Fab Fashions is celebrating the beauty in all people with the latest trends in fashion for all sizes. We carry a wide range of sizes from extra small to curvy and beautiful sizes. Our fashionista experts have a strict selection process when it comes to quality, style, texture, material and the fitting of our designs. 

We believe you should feel good in your clothes and you should love the body you’re in!  Our goal is to help you find the perfect outfit that accentuates your beauty and helps you celebrate your life in a fabulous way!

Sponsorship Opportunities

JEM Fab Fashions is extremely grateful for the amazing generosity of our Sponsors who made last year’s fabulous event possible. In 2020 we will be holding our One Year Anniversary / 40th Birthday Bash for Ylondra and once again we are looking to collaborate with businesses in the community who are interested in being a part of this incredible event while giving back to the community!

Create Your Own Style

JEM Fab Fashions invites you to free your mind and explore exciting and fun new trends that define who you are and help you celebrate your particular and unique beauty. Forget about opinions and think about what makes you feel good? What makes you happy – do that, wear that, enjoy that! 

Latest News

Check out the latest and greatest from the JEM Fab Fashions blog, we’re sharing our latest products and styles, industry news, upcoming events, sponsorship appreciation and so much more!

Who is Ylondra Marrero

Who is Ylondra Marrero? For many years I asked myself that very same question, searching for answers in all the wrong places, wanting acceptance and validation from all the wrong people. Looking outside of myself for what was already within me...

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Roxanne Gets Her Fab On!

Participating in the JEM Fab Fashions Grand Opening Gala and Fashion Show in March of 2019 was honestly one of the best experiences in my life, thus far. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to conquer my fears, walk the runway for the very...

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Celebrate Your Curves!

Fashion is an important part of our daily life whether we realize it or not. Even those who believe they are not immersed in the world of fashion still have to decide daily what to wear and how to look when they leave their house. It speaks...

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Popular Outfits

We’re always exploring new styles and fabulous fashions to share with you. Life should be fun, exciting and beautiful and you should be able to wear all that when you’re out and about living life and rockin’ your swag! 

Hello Gorgeous Mini Dress

Dynamite Denim Stretchy Blue Dress

Side Cut Mini Dress

Leopard Me Crazy Dress

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